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Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST®)

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Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST®) has revolutionized gum graft procedures. Traditionally, if patients had unaesthetic recession along their teeth paired with sensitivity or cavities, a graft would have to been done, cutting gum tissue from a different part of the mouth to cover the recession. The old soft tissue graft procedures would be painful.  The new technique involves placing a small pinhole and using special instruments to loosen the gums and gently place them over the receded section of the tooth.


How can PST® benefit me?

PST® can benefit anyone with recession around their front and back teeth. There are no incision and stitching, so there is minimal post-operative sensitivity such as pain or bleeding. There is also no need to cut gum tissue from a different part of the mouth to cover the receded area.

Before and After Photos and Testimonials

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